Salsa & Ballroom Dancing

A bailar! Try our classes.

Its cooler these days but you can't give in to the feeling of staying home!  We serve up motivation and body rhythms to infuse every class BALORICO offers.
No se quede en su casa, con el frio, nuestras clases les da animo y brinda muchos ritmos AfroLatinos dentro de cada clase.
Where/donde? Kenyon Hall, 7904 35th Ave SW  (West Seattle-north of Burien, south of Georgetown)
Kids Salsa classes continue Mondays at 5pm for ages 6+. Families have the opportunity to enroll every first Monday of the month. 
Clases de Salsa para niƱos continua todos los lunes a las 5pm para edades 6+. Toda familia puede registrarse a comienzo de cada mes.

Friday Dance Social 9/20 @7pm

Our monthly FRIDAY dance social is about PURPOSE. We host a special evening starting at 7pm featuring performing artists that make you think and inspire the soul. DJ Lady Dee spins Salsa, Bachata and House music. Kweli Vuur of Poetic Soul highlights the power of poetry, Elijah Kirk moves us to connect purpose with positive manifestations of how we see ourselves move through challenges. Your host Vanessa Villalobos leads various mini-dance lessons throughout the evening to keep you on your toes!  >> Tickets here. <<
Live in West Seattle...still haven't made it to a BALORICO social? Don't miss out!  Ongoing Monday classes are open to dancers of all levels. (Salsa at 6:45pm & Cha Cha Cha at 8:30pm are open for drop-in)
Children's Salsa classes have just begun, and are open for monthly enrollment. Contact for registration information.

Take summer with you - Fall Dance Program

Its warm and we plan on keeping the heat with us during Fall Session! Sign up for Fall Session beginning Sept. 9th (adults) with 8-class sessions and special options to dance more with our new SuperBailarin program. Social dancers do not learn, they are made on the dance floor. Save the date for our next Friday Dance Party September 20th @ Kenyon Hall, 7pm. Parents:  try something different with your young dancers. Our Kids Salsa program begins Sept. 16th. Youth ages 6 and under can dance with caregivers @4pm Monday’s, and kids ages 7+ dance @5pm. Happy end of summer! 

Summer SALSA Dancing

Summer dance sessions are on!Take a look at our class offerings or call us to catch up on the fun, now, with private individual and group instruction.

August 5th and ongoing Mondays Adults sign up for a 4 class end-of-summer course, $60/4 sessions KIDSand families take a preview FREE class on July 15th & 22nd
Already dance? Boost up to get better with our bi-monthlySaturday Bootcamp trainings next 90-minute drill session is on SaturdayAugust 10th. Build confidence for more fun all summer long....a bailer, MAS!

Community & Dance

We are rooted in community practice Besides picking up Latin dance vocabulary, steps and adapted norms of practicing this cultural expression of dance (Salsa, Folkorico, Bachata, Ballroom Dance...), as master instructors, our experience shapes how we perceive movement, distill its euphoric beauty and how we have learned to guide others through their own process of learning to dance....then there is partnered dance, that push and pull thing. Its the place we learn to express and we are thankful for everyone who continues to springboard out of our doors into the fun and excitement of dancing in Seattle. **** Check out our event page for a chance to participate in different ways. The dance floor is a place for magic, a place to troubleshoot, a place to heal as well as a place to find/give/share empowerment. 

Next week Friday Social 4/26, 6:30pm. We provide a comfortable open space to help boost confidence with new dance skills and encourage more practice. All are welcome, adult party, busi…

Spring Series classes every MONDAY

MONDAYS train with Eduardo & Vanessa, 7904 35th Ave SW, 98126. This week we launch into our spring training schedule to get YOU ready for the best summer dancing! Youth Ballroom& Latin for the dancing kiddos, 5pm. Our adults beginner classes offer both Level I classes in Salsa on2, at 6pm, and Bachata at 6:45pm. For our experienced dancers, the Level II Salsa on2 class is perfect for practicing more intricate footwork that improves agility, turn technique and fluidity with higher level partner work at 7:30pm. Then right before you call it a day, our 8:30pm AfroLatin Modern class will prepare dancers for full use of the floor using weighted and off balance movement to the sounds of Latino Pop and reggaton beats. Drop in, see you in class.
Save the date for the next Friday Dance Social, April 26th

FREE DANCE CLASSES next Monday 3/25 West Seattle

Monday March 25th, 5pm-8:30pm at Kenyon Hall - FAMILIES, ADULTS & KIDS!
Its gonna be an unbelievable summer-love our students! Thank you for all your positivity passing through these doors.
Families can enjoy FREE Salsa & Ballroom Dancing during our first class next Monday 3/25. Then we move to 45 minute lessons in Salsa on2 fundamentals, Dominican Bachata, Cuban Rumba for Salsa styling, the very physical Afro Latin Modern where we dance in bare feet. All are welcome and its your chance to try out our dance lessons, our teaching methodology, visit our home space at Kenyon Hall and meet Eduardo and Vanessa. Please rsvp here
We will also be running our first PRACTICA of the season from 8:30pm-9:30pm, all ages, $5 admission. Come test out your skills in a fun, comfortable environment.

Preview our classes before we launch into our MONDAY SPRING SESSION starting April 8th. See the Open House schedule here for details. To register for classes, please just…