SPRING Series 4/1 - 5/27

Monday at Kenyon Hall 7904 35th Ave SW (West Seattle)
Tuesdays (White Center)
 SALSA on2 Level I - II  6pm 
 BACHATA Level I 7pm
SALSA on 2 Level II 7:30pm(prior on2 experience required)  
AfroLatin MODERN returns this Spring 8:30pm

Single 45 minute class, 8 weeks $120/p
Single 60 minute class, 8 weeks $160/p
Unlimited Classes/Series $399 (includes Monday + Tuesday classes)

SERIES DATES 1/7 -3/18,   4/1 - 5/27,  6/3 - 7/29

SUMMER Series 6/3 -7/29

**Stay tuned for our Lazy Summer HotSpot** 
Special Workshop Intensives with Guest Artists 8/5 -8/25 

         We believe in building up and advancing the whole dancer. 

Try a class $20 drop-in, teens $10

REGISTER: balorico@gmail.com or call (206) 679-7229

Mondays at Kenyon Hall 
SPRING SERIES 4/8 - 5/27
SUMMER SERIES 6/3 - 7/29 
This New Year, we want to offer you the best diversity of Latin Dancing to build your repertoire of rhythms, creativity in creating your own moves with a solid base of knowing how to execute coordinated beautiful and rooted movement. We dance Salsa on2/ New York style and have accumulated a lifetime of training from old-school teachers, mentors, completion experiences and discoveries along the way through our own choreographic tendencies.

Beginner students, the 45 minute classes are great to push you through the vocabulary you will need to become a comfortable dancer. Anyone can push through all classes and make MONDAYS your very own weekly Bootcamp experience. Drop-in at will, but understand, you must keep up or schedule private lessons to answer questions that require more time and attention. DIVE IN THIS YEAR WITH BALORICO & E.MAYIMBE, Eduardo & Vanessa. Performance opportunities will be posted throughout the year via each class. Lets go 2019!

SALSA Level I, 6:00pm,  SALSA Level I-II continues 4/8 - 5/27
$149/10 week series $20 drop in
This is your starting point to drill down the basics, ground yourself in footwork that is the building block for all partner work. Your internal timing will also be set as you work through this course, or repeat (quite common) to ensure your foundation is set for fun, connected dancing.

Salsero of all levels know the work required to become a great social dancer. It takes approximately 1 year to implement the fundamentals in your dance, and then to feel comfortable in a social setting where practice makes perfect, and even more important, to stay in time takes practice. The Spring series will focus on the social practice of fundamentals so your Summer Dancing feels and looks good.....Same time, same place SALSA on2.

CHA CHA CHA  6:45pm, BACHATA Level I returns on 4/8            
$149/10 week series $20 drop in 
Learn how to use your feet as a percussive instrument. This Cuban rooted dance that came out of the 1950's gave way to the Mambo and originally allowed all beginners to learn timing and syncopation. Today, it is a sexy popular rhythm played in between Salsa music sets that lets you relax and PLAY. This is open level that means, however much you get, we will push. 1/3 of the class is reserved to train dancers at every level to practice good spinning technique that build muscles where you need it and increases anatomical alignment for fluid spinning. Heels are mandatory for ladies.

Bachata is a dance from the Dominican Republic and its the dance you relax into after a great night of Salsa dancing. The traditional style emphasizes musicality of the feet and sexy style is about the curves and undulations you and your dance partner design on the dance floor. We train both in this beginner class. Level I begins this Spring. Our White Center class offers Level II. 

Salsa Level II, 7:30pm, next series begins 4/8
Two instructors $199/10 week. $20 Drop In 
This class is beginner-friendly and its an avenue for committed dancers of all levels. The steps are not enough, how you partner with the music, matters. Improve hearing the beat, clarify vocabulary and expand your potential! Vanessa is an active performer, applying technique to stage practice, and has a love of teaching and sharing the journey to dance bliss. Salsa Champion dancer/choreographer E.Mayimbe joins this on2 class to share his goldmine of experience with students. Musicality,  footwork, spinning technique, lead/follow interaction and fundamental partner work is covered in each class. DROP IN $20 after 4th week with instructor approval only-contact Vanessa.

Latin Styling w. PACHANGA, 8:30pm, Afro Latin Modern returns on 4/8
$149/10 week, $20 Drop In
So you know the basics in Salsa, Bachata, Rumba and Cha Cha Cha but don't know what to really do with your arms. This class will help leads and follows increase coordination and timing for the use of limbs. Every dancer is different and we customize movement to look good on your body. 1/2 of the class will introduce the fun SWAG and style of Pachanga. We love Pachanga and its great to know when to use this style within your Salsa dancing. Open level.

Afro Latin Modern builds upon a solid foundation of African dance movement fundamentals working on the pelvis, ribcage, shoulders and weighted downbeats and up-beats to express rhythm. Our work includes a fusion of training between the heaviness of Afro Latin body movement and the off-balance movement of Modern dance movement. We use the floor as a partner for weighted and suspended movement. The combinations of this class ask the dancer to be able to make lines, execute body rhythms and work on group phrases created around Salsa, Latin House, Samba and ambient music. 8 week course


February: 9836 17th Ave SW, Seattle, Wa. 98106 

March: Balorico Studio off Juneau St.

 Bachata 6pm (a Dominican island dance)

Tuesdays @ 6pm El baile Dominicano, Bachata, requires an understanding that sexy moves must be supported with a weighted center and expressive feet. Develop your musicality with solid footwork and connected partner work phrases. We train beginner through professional level dancers. Start at the root and move up to contemporary styles with this bootcamp style class. 
Bachata 6pm-7pm $120 (8 classes), drop in $15. No partner needed. 
     Ladies Theatrical Latin Dance 7pm 

Tuesdays @7pm Expand your wings, express what is inside. This training class emphasizes    technique for walking, turning, pivoting and developing more grounded movement that characterizes Latin dancing for the stage and performance. Each set of 4 classes builds into a short choreography for solo or group work. Minimum requisite is Salsa on2 Level one vocabulary. $120 (8 classes), drop in $20.

Youth Ballroom & Latin    
American Rhythm & Salsa on2
TUESDAYS at 9836 17th Ave SW (Feb)
Look for a new location announcement for MARCH

Spring Series begins April 2nd, 2019
Limited scholarships available, but contact us.

Youth Ballroom & Latin
 5pm -5:45pm $125 + $25 registration
10% sibling discount available.

This five dance training program for kids is a great way to introduce your music-loving, dancing kiddos to the artists of partner dancing with children their similar age. Instructor Vanessa, has trained children in folkloric and Ballroom dance styles for over 15 years. Performance opportunities available for children that aspire to the stage. 

      Register at balorico@gmail.com 

 Private Instruction is available for individuals and groups.
Clases particulares se ofrecen para individuos y grupos.

Performance opportunities for youth with ballet, jazz and hip hop training.
Oportunidad para hacer trabajos en escenario si tienen entrenamiento previo en ballet clásico, jazz o hip hop. Llame al 206 679-7229 para mas info.

Photo credit: Dance This! 

Coreografia para Quinceaneras y Bailes Sorpresa
Want to customize your training? Private instruction is the best way to capture the best of you in the privacy of a standing time reserved just for you. 
Packages available to meet your needs. Individuals and groups are welcome.
Contact Vanessa at 206 679-7229 to setup a complimentary intro lesson.

Book private lessons, hire dancers or teachers to activate your next party and community affair.   Call (206) 679-7229 or email balorico@gmail.com

Re-envision your space

Inclusive and accessible dance events

Seattle Salsa Dance Ambassadors
Dancer . Choreographer . Community Builder . Arts Ambassador

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