Dance Lessons

Dance Lessons - Group Classes on Mondays in West Seattle

Ongoing Classes through OCTOBER 30th
Winter Series runs NOVEMBER 6- DECEMBER 18th

Mondays at Kenyon Hall, 7904 35th Ave SW, Seattle, Wa. 98126 
REGISTER by emailing or call (206) 679-7229

Payment accepted via VENMO, find "Balorico Villalobos" or reserve with a C.C.  

 $120/ 8 class series.  $10/teens, $5 youth age 10 and under. Learn the art of partner dance and practice connecting on the dance floor with American Smooth &  Rhythm dances. We start the class warming up with popular line dances you can learn and share with family and friends at your summer social dance events. This Summer Swing, Tango, Salsa and Waltz will be covered + one special request dance (choose Cha Cha Cha, Hustle or Rumba) Level: Novice beginner (no experience) to Advanced Beginner (some experience). Teens welcome with parent/guardian permission.

SALSA & Cha Cha @ 7pm
$120/ 8 class series. $10 teens/class. $5/youth 10 years and under.

Vanessa continues offering this open-level class for on1 dancers looking to transfer their skill over to on2 Salsa dancing. This class is beginner-friendly and its an avenue for dancers of all levels to embrace the waning and waxing learning "curves" of dancing New York style Mambo/Salsa On 2. The steps are not enough, how you partner with he music becomes the experience. Improve hearing the beat, clarify vocabulary and expand your potential! Vanessa is an active performer, applying technique to stage practice, and has a love of teaching and sharing the journey to dance bliss. Musicality,  footwork, spinning technique, lead/follow interaction and fundamental partner work is covered in each class. 

$99/ 8 class series or Drop In for $15, $10 teens/class.
This physical class introduces dance concepts of balanced and off-balance movement with a subtle introduction to knowing how to use the floor as a "partner." A full-body warmup begins on the hard wood floor, that then builds to standing and across the floor rhythmic phrases. All levels of dancers will achieve a new way to approach turning, pivoting and gliding across the floor with a special focus on movement of the spine and pelvic area. Throughout the 8 session introductory course, students will build their classical dance vocabulary and gain a broad understanding of various modern dance technique approaches to help enhance executing various Latin dance rhythms. Her background as a theatrical Cabaret Ballroom competitor adds to the dynamic choreographic phrases prepared for this fun class. Try it!

Hip Hop/Dancehall with Chris LeVaughn @8pm plus special guest instructors
RETURNS in the Winter!
The urban sounds of our Hip Hop culture not only move us in the gym, in the car, at parties, but the sounds and beats are constructed to affect your pulse, infused from a PanAfrican cultural influence of old school, new school and urban flavor reflective of the great music and beat engineers. Chris breaks down beats, movement vocabulary and sticatto/legato movement in a way that will make even the mommas want to get down. Boost your week in the Fall with this evening power boost with recording artist/choreographer/dancer/composer Chris LaVaughn.


Book private lessons, hire dancers or teachers to activate your next party and community affair.   
Call (206) 679-7229 or email

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