We believe in building up and advancing the whole dancer.

Develop confidence on the dance floor with Salsa, Latin and Ballroom dance training offered through group class and private lesson instruction. We are based in West Seattle at Kenyon Hall, 7904 35th Ave SW, and enjoy training adults and children. Our teachers primarily dance and teach Salsa on2 known as New York style salsa.  We have a professional track record with performance for concert, commercial and film stages. Teaching YOU is a passion. We look forward to becoming a part of your partner dance journey. For further questions please call (206) 679-7229 or email us at balorico@gmail.com.


MONDAYS @ Kenyon Hall 7904 35th Ave SW
6pm Adults Salsa on2 Level I 
6:45pm- Adults BACHATA  DROP-IN friendly (4 class series $60)  
*7:30pm Salsa on2 + Spinning Level II-III (Vanessa + Geoff)
8:15pm Cha Cha Cha open level  DROP-IN friendly (4 class series $60) 

9:15pm-10pm Afro Body Movement open level 
 Resumes November 4th (4 class series $60) 

8 class series $120/course
*$150/course with dual instructors

TUESDAYS @ Balorico Studio 
6pm Bachata Tradicional
7pm Latin Jazz (technique class)
8pm Choreography class (for performers)
Catch our show at the Sept. & Dec. socials

4 class series $60/course


4pm-4:45pm Salsa Minnies 
For ages 6 and under with caregiver

5pm-5:45pm Salsa & Latin for Kids
For ages 7+

Six month program $60/month or $300 full payment
Registration fee: $25/child


Salsa Minies Ages under 6 with caregivers  4pm-4:45pm  
$50/month + $25 annual registration Fall program begins Sept. 16th
This family class is the best way to introduce your littles to the fun of Salsa. A gentle approach is used for kids of this age, and caregivers with additional babes are welcome to participate but are asked to monitor carefully. Our goal is to activate your child's mind and learn to take a partner dance class.

Salsa & Latin for kids!  Ages 7+ 5pm-5:45pm  $50/month + $25 annual registration..Fall Program begins Sept. 16th

Share the gift of dance with your children as they learn about Salsa dance and culture, team work, individual expression and rhythm, rhythm, rhythm! Kids ages 7+ years old will benefit from dance without a mirror (so they focus on the music and each other). They will practice "performing" at the end of each class, demonstrating the art of dancing with a community. 50% of the class is Salsa on2 and the other half is split between Merengue and Bachata styles.

Salsa Level I 6pm $90/6 week, $20 drop in 
Sign up for Winter Series Nov 4 - Dec 9th 
This is your starting point to drill down the basics, ground yourself in footwork that is the building block for all partner work. Your internal timing will also be set as you work through this course, or repeat (quite common) to ensure your foundation is set for fun, connected dancing. NOTE: It is ok to repeat this course  and encouraged to build confident proficiency in the fundamentals of Salsa on2 dancing. 

BACHATA (50/50 Traditional/Sensual)
6:45pm $60/4 week OCTOBER, drop in $20
Bachateros of all levels know the work required to become a great social dancer. It takes approximately 1 year to implement the fundamentals in your dance, and then to feel comfortable in a social setting where practice makes perfect, and even more important, to stay in time takes practice. 

SALSA Level II   6:45pm  $90 / 6 week
Sign up for Winter Series Nov 4 - Dec 9th

Salsero of all levels know the work required to become a great social dancer. It takes approximately 1 year to implement the fundamentals in your dance, and then to feel comfortable in a social setting where practice makes perfect, and even more important, to stay in time takes practice. You will improve "hearing the beat," clarify vocabulary and expand your potential! Not sure? Your best next step is to schedule a private lesson to assess your best level or to address dancing with physical ailments. (We have been there with physical restraints and can help you learn how to get the best out of group class training.) We want you to succeed and dance a long time! 

SALSA Level II-III  7:30pm $113 / 6week, 2 instructors with Guest Instructor Geoff Moyer, formerly with Mambo U
Drop In for October $20/ class (intermediate level)
Sign up for Winter Series Nov 4 - Dec 9th

This class expands upon all the fundamentals of Salsa dancing with a focus on social patterns that are "lead-able" on the dance floor and spinning technique that makes it easier for follows to spin on one foot.  Pre-requisite: Level II warmup footwork proficiency. Follows & Leads: You need to purchase a dance shoe/heels (at least 1 inch) to get the most of this training. 

Vanessa is an active performer, applying technique to stage practice, and has a love of teaching and sharing the journey to dance bliss. Guest Instructors join this class to bring on2 partner dancing to life, with example.  Musicality,  footwork, spinning technique, lead/follow interaction and fundamental partner work is covered in each class. *There is no drop-in for this class past the first class due to the short series. Prior instructor approval or private lesson arrangement is necessary to join this progressive class. Please just consult.

Cha Cha Cha  8:30pm $60/ 4 week
Drop-In open through OCTOBER $20 
Cha Cha Cha is a dance that is full of flavor, swag and ultimate rhythm. Don't pass up the opportunity to dive into full musicality and rhythm with the footwork you will develop. Improved sense of timing is an outcome of this class. Introductory course open to beginner and advanced beginners.

$60/ 4 week resumes Oct. 4th. advance sign-up required

Afro body movement is essential, period. Practice using your instrument (your body) to mirror the music you hear. If you have a hard time "hearing the beat" this 45 minute class will help you. Esta class entrena al bailarin a que use su CUERPO como un instruments musical de percusion. Atrevase y entrene con movimientos con raises Africanas e influenciadas con origines de las americas. Class dura 45 minutos.

Bachata 6pm Tuesdays
$60/ 4 week course
Bachata is a dance from the Dominican Republic and its traditional style is now fused with more lyrical and undulating expressions, called Sensual Bachata. We work traditional basics and develop your musicality. To be a well-rounded social dancer, you must know how to move through both styles on the social dance floor. Decode what it means to dance "sensually" and how it connects to the "tradition style," its various rhythms, all while keeping a playful and respectful mindset....two bodies moving as one. No partner needed to join the class.

Latin Jazz 7pm Tuesdays
$60/4 week course
This musical class begins with a contemporary warmup, introduces the dancer to  Jazz movement, turning, spinning and musicality to Latin music coming from an era of jazz, rhythm and blues influenced by Cuban and Carribbean sounds.  A Jazz shoes and heels recommended for this class.

Choreography 8pm Tuesdays
This class introduces the dancer to dance for the stage. A group choreography is set using Salsa vocabulary and jazz progressions. Dancers can work as follows, leads and soloists depending on level of experience and comfort. This class is recommended for dancers that seek a greater challenge, have Salsa Level I proficiency and are committed to practicing outside of this class. Performance dates: Saturday October 12th & Monday December 16th

Register via balorico@gmail.com or 
call (206) 679-7229


DANCE INSTRUCTOR Vanessa Villalobos

Not ready for group instruction yet? 
Start with a private lesson to ease your transition. Many people train privately during their group dance lessons to address questions, quirks and to build confidence. A few lessons go a long way- you will see!

Coreografia para Quinceaneras y Bailes Sorpresa
Want to customize your training? Private instruction is the best way to capture the best of you in the privacy of a standing time reserved just for you. 
Packages available to meet your needs. Individuals and groups are welcome.
Contact Vanessa at 206 679-7229 to setup a complimentary intro lesson.

World Salsa Champion Eduardo Aguirre & Ballroom cabaret pro dancer/actor Vanessa Villalobos
Dancer . Choreographer . Community Builder . Arts Ambassador

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